Rabu, 11 September 2013

Society Circles, Who Are Those?

Few weeks ago i was attending a seminar about youth and political knowledge in Indonesia. One of the speaker at that time was Rene CC, a public speaker and an author of CC Book and UltimateU. If you ever heard about the book, Your Job is Not Your Career yes he is the author as well. Somehow i find this man really interesting! He sends an energetic and exciting vibes to us, the attendants. Since the goal of the seminar was to educate youth about political knowledge, he told us some interesting fact about Indonesia in the past. 

FYI the seminar held not so far from August 17, the Independence day of Indonesia. So he revelead some interesting fact about our Proclamation. Firstly he explained how the proclamation was finally decided to be proclaimed, the people behind, and how Soekarno at that time already believed in the power of youth already. If you ever remember that he once said "Berikan saya sepuluh pemuda, maka akan kurubah dunia" / "Give me ten youths then i will change the world". Agree so far? I do. As i said that he revealed interesting fact that, turns out the attendants of our proclamation was 80-90% youths in the average age of 17-25. So we can imagine ourselves were there, in our age right now. At least if we happen to imagine our soul were there, such a proud feeling. 

At the end of the slides, i got the chance to ask him question. Since i admire his energetic and positive mood all the way, i just simply ask him about how he keep that all the time, cause i know being positive and energetic will obviously influence other people around. And i asked him again, how to start making the change, at least from ourselves? I know i asked such an overrated question but i just wanna hear the answer from this guy. 

So he answered, to be positive and have a happy minded, is to be bless with what we have, never compare ourselves to others, and you know, be funny. When you're funny, everybody wants to around you because you send a positive vibes to others. The rest you just simply need to plant positivity in your heart and mind, Meilia. Simple. (noted).

The second question, he answered, If you wanna make a change, start from your circle. Do you think your circles are good enough? Supportive enough for you to keep you on going? Think about that. You know in life, we have so many society circle that we had. Family circle, bestfriend, boyfriend/girlfriend, organization, relatives, etc. Have you found which circle give you such a positive impact? You already know which one, and which is not really good for you either. And then, you have this one circle that you have been on so many years, consider this as your bestfriend circle. Your hangout buddies circle. You've been with those guys for good and bad, tears and joy, rich and poor and everything. But wait, what else? Instead of hanging out have some coffee and share stories, did you guys ever share about the same interest with education, learnings, motivations, goals instead of sharing what brands of bags are in right now? Think. If you haven't or you don't do that at all, perhaps, that circle is the one that might stops you from going further. 

Now start open up yourself to a new circle, like, organization, conference, voluntering, etc. That time when you start involving yourself in such activities those circles are having, you'll finally realized that you actually can do so much more in your life. And what so important, you can be useful for others and that's very precious. 

He said, when you feel like your idea of living of creating something in your mind doesn't match with the people in your circle anymore, leave the circle for a moment. Because you're way more than them already, you're thinking few steps ahead while they stuck there. You need to find yourself a space to learn and share laernings to other people. Meet new people, explore the living, gain knowledge because remember you only young once so don't spend it not doing anything. Make the best out of it. 

I agreed. I involve myself in volunteering activity already actually, organization and signing up for several conference, being busy filling essays and just stay in front of my computer pretty while seeking for opportunities that life offers, ignoring some coffee hours with my friends for a while indeed, and, i,  feel good :) 

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