Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Remember This

I feel kinda sad never updated anything here in so so long period of time. The internet connection at home was super sucks even it has been fixed but it screws still so, anyways, i'm in the middle of my thesis working right now but i just somehow gotten myself so excited about saying something here. Don't worry, dear thesis i'm gonna go back to you as soon as i done this. I'm on my chapter 4 already anyway so please God please give me super mega boom power to get it done as super soon as Your possible way to make it (and oh, my struggle ofcourse). 

Sooo lately i feel so lucky cause i am surrounded with great great inspiring people which they are my friends from exchange youth alumni. It's the second year i am blessed to be a part of them and sharing our learnings and learn and learn. I am not that kind of person who learn (much) by reading, or by watching news or well if i can say, from mass media then. Well, i read newspaper every morning i wake up, i watch news on TV every night before i sleep, the thing is i don't read book that much. Which is everybody knows that book really helps you to grow and to learn things that you want to learn since book are so complete though. But this part about saying books are helping to learn and to grow somehow i found it a bit different in me. I mean, here's the thing. As i told you before that i am currently surrounded by great people, by any means that sharing things and learn from each others experiences are for me, the best learning-effective-not boring-method ever. 

Isn't it?

I mean, here, to communicate is human's way to keep living and to socialize with their surroundings, right? You can read book, you can watch TV, but in the end you will still communicate anyways either way you talk or you communicate non verbally, doesn't matter. But as i said, learning by communicate is the most effective way to learn is because you do it naturally even sometimes you learn without you intend to do it. So it's just like the more you talk, the more you communicate, the more information you can get. And it's obvious. 

So what i want to emphasize here is that don't be afraid to talk, to ask, and to share things that you feel comfortable to share with.

Cause every place is a school and every person is a teacher. 

Have a good day!