Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Quote of The Day

"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what, get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self confidenct and more and more successful." 

-Mark Victor Hansen

Coffee, or Anything Else?

I'm not a coffee addict, that's for sure. Sitting cool with a cup of espresso or some ice coffee with ciggarette (if necessary) with friends til late at night, laugh, flirt, enjoy the moments, that sounds really metropolis. Idk so far i haven't got the feeling of enjoying coffee that much, well i've never wanted to be an addict tho so i never struggled for one. But coffee shop always be my favourite place afterall. As long as it's still providing other drinks but coffee instead :D You know that nowadays people spend much time chillin out at the coffee shop. Spending an hour, two hours, three hours or even four just to sit and talk and talk. I wonder how come coffee shop can make people last that long? If we take a good look around the coffee shop we'll find that they build the place for comfort, for people stay there until the dawn's breaking (if possible) or else they provide a really really good coffee that people always looking forward to have some. That's the key. Coziness and taste. I've been spending so much time at the coffee shop with my friends without drinking coffee. I know it doesn't matter it's just sound kinda awkward like going to the camera store and ended up buying sunglasses. This time i realized that coffee shop really contributed for people's quality time. Do you ever notice or even remember how many precious laugh that you had at the coffee shop, with so many precious people, as well? 

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

This one is simple, sweet, not too much yet romantic still. Oh Marry me too..

North Street 5555, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Home always be the first and the last place to run to, to escape from the wild world, to get the comfort feeling and happiness, right? Even this not my real home, but lived there for about 3 months in my life really gave me much happiness and comfort just like the feeling that i get in my real home. All those morning tea times that i spent there will always be one of the most nice moment that i have for life, having a nice talk with my host mom and my counterpart, seeing cars from the window, snow falling, Elliot's barking, the sound of the stairs when we get in, all the cookies that my mom kept just for me, the cold breeze every night, all those sweets desserts after dinner, monopoly hours, movie times with the kids, playing around the house doing nothing, write silly things on the blackboard, fooling around with my hostdad, cooking and singing with my counterpart, those oh-Gosh-i-really-want-to-pee but 'There's someone in the bathroom!', Glee's songs that played too much, sweet and salt popcorn that we ate every midnight, the ringing phone, the warmth of the fresh laundry, all those gloves that hang on the stairs that really annoyed my eyes, pencils and draw draw draw, my pink little room, morning baggles with butter, oh.. Everything. Every single thing that i spent there will always be a great memory to keep in my brain (so please don't get amnesia or alzheimer or well just don't!) You know good will times always come, but exactly the same good times will never come for twice so memory is the best way to keep it existed. So enjoy every moment! :)

The Rose is Pink.

I was called by a friend for a photoshoot at his home. Thought it was just a simple one with unknown model or whatsoever to be his object. This time i saw this pretty girl standing with her pink rose posing her body keep making a move and got thousand clicks from my friend. It has been a long long time i haven't captured anything since the last time i carried my DSLR camera (before it's broken, FYI this is too sad) so i borrowed my friends camera using my lense to make these pictures. Idk it was just a bit awkward going back with cameras and friends. I miss that anyway. So i thought these pictures has been paid my crave for so long.