Senin, 24 September 2012

As We Grow, We Grow Better

"I wish i could jump higher"
"I wish i had wings to fly"

Wish. Hope. Expectation. 
We all live with our personal expectations that we surely want those expectation happen/going as we expected them to be. I am now standing at that moment when i'm living an expectation that i was thinking this expectation will crazily change my life to the maximum level (if it really happens that way). But you know, wise once said,

"Expectation kills".
"Expect the unexpected".

Have you ever read those words? They were right. We should've told ourselves from the beginning that something might not go as we want them to be and as we human we know that life isn't perfect as a fairytale, so.. Expect the unexpected. I was expecting something that even yesterday i still expecting it to be happen til i realize that i perhaps putting too high expectation and i just too happy for that til again i don't realize that excitement of expecting things might turn into dissapointments. 


It hurts finding out that things aren't go my way and collapsing those expectation.. I was hurted and cried til i go crazy i couldn't opened my eyes widely cause it was too puffy, i was in my bestfriend's shoulder, i listened to sad songs while driving and i felt like everything just suddenly ruined me. I was on that situation. I was messed. Can't think clearly cause what was on my mind just dissapointment and i keep sadding myself with remembering it over and over again. 

Then i woke up and think. When this going to end? I was silent. I let my dark and brightside fought over my head arguing about this thing. I walked to an empty corner at my house then i was like suddenly being waken up by my soul that she told me bout how precios life to spend angry, upset and unhappiness. So i decided to stop living in anger. 

I moved on.

Til i moved on i realize that when things are hurting, then it's not worth having. But then again i keep telling myself that being hurted, got dissapointed, feeling sad or whatsoever are a part of life and we can't really avoid problems come into our life cause it's actually us making that problem. So instead of get hurt too much and living in sorrow too long, i moved on with lessons i've learned that life comes with no guarantees, so do things and don't regret them.. And, 

As we grow, we grow better. 

-Meilia Gista