Selasa, 23 Juli 2013

Have You (Really) Grown Up?

What is exactly the meaning of growing up?

Does it means to start differentiate which one is good or which one is bad, to be legal to drink alcohol, to be able to go out with friends until midnight and having to put make up on our faces already because we start being aware with our appearances cause that's when we start falling in love?


When i was a little girl i always wanted to be a grown up. Seeing my mom going to her office wearing her perfect suites, high heels on, make up and lipstick, that was my dream. I can't wait to be a grown up so my parents would let me go out with my friends just like my cousins did with their friends. I always wanted to be able to drive car by myself and putting cool musics on and just, act cool inside the car.  Always wondered when will i start wearing senior high school uniform and start dating a guy just like in a movie. Then again i started wondering when will i enter university and start acting like a real grown ups. And so on, and so on.

I used to think that to be a grown up was just to look good and to behave like a grown ups.

Never thought it would be this hard complex.

When we start being a real grown ups, life becomes full of complexity. Either the complexity are actually made by our own mind or indeed sometimes life and everything in it are so complex.

Growing up can be different meaning for each person since we live our lives differently.

When i said that when we grow up life becomes more complex, if i had to define what i meant about complexity is, that when everythings are mixed up as one, either differences, problems, even love sometimes.

As we grow up, we learn that sometimes things not go as the way that we wanted them to be, we learn that in life there are so many things, so many people, so many thoughts that sometimes no matter we like it or not, we just had to deal with. We learn to accept differences, we've taught about pressures, we learn everything from what we see, what we read, what we hear.

How do i measure my maturity level? By admit that i am now 22 years old and i've got myself considered as a grown up?

I think.. (and based on what i read)

  •  We have grown up when we have our way of thinking and we can have our thoughts. We care what we care, we care what others think about us, but most importantly we care we what we think we are best. 
  •  We have grown up when we can accept people's opinion wisely instead of getting angry for what we don't agree. We learn to appreciate people because that is how life works.
  •   We have grown up when we start differentiate what's good and what's best for ourselves. Not in general, but more for ourselves. We learn to be responsible for every action that we take. 
  •  We have grown up when we think, before we act. When we taste our mouth before we spit it out. 
  •  We have grown up when we make mistakes and learn from it instead of making the same mistake happens for twice. 
  •   We have grown up when we can accept that life is not only bout sweetness, but pain is a part of it too. You might cry and ask why pain coming to you but afterall you think and try to understand what caused the pain and learn from it instead. 
  •  We  have grown up when we start acting wiser instead of being selfish. Remember that world is so wide and it's not only us living on it. 
  •  We have grown up when we don't hold a grudge. Thinking that when someone hurt you, you gotta hurt them back is just like going around the same wheels over and over again. 
  •  We have grown up when we start being able to control our emotions and not being controlled by our emotions. 
  •   We have grown up when we can accept every facts in this world. No matter how hard it is. Like, we gotta learn to accept the fact that we all are going to die, someone we love might leave us, something we like might lost and so on. Life can be so bitter sometimes and we just have to deal with it. 
  • We have grown up when we learn about love. When we learn that love is something so precious. When we are happy being in love. When we are okay loving someone and not having them love us back cause we know that real love is not demanding. When we are happy seeing the person that we love being happy. When we learn that love is something so sincere and so pure that comes within. When we realize that love is not hurting cause we are not expecting anything from love. Cause we just simply loving without expecting anything. When we don't get hurt cause nothing to get hurted about. Cause we learn about how wonderful love is. Love, is, love. 
  •   We have grown up when we understand about life and values. Not about money, but, life values.
Those, some thoughts about how grown ups are actually perhaps live their lifes.

And if i had to be asked but how i think myself, i questioned myself about expectations. I questioned myself a lot about love. I questioned how i was so easy writing that love is not expecting anything in return when me myself expecting so much in return till i get hurt? I questioned my feeling.

I wish i could be a real grown up that i can accept every facts that happens in my world.
I wish i could grow my thoughts and my mind to be more enlighten.
I wish i could learn more about what i have wrote.
I wish i could start loving without expecting anything in return, cause that's how real love works.
I wish my life for the best.