Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Teaser : Fira & Syahrial

 Been working on this pre wedding shots lately, these are some behind the screen stuffs and, the teaser :)

The Choices Are : To Be Happy and, To Just Be Happy.

 (pict taken from Tumblr)

I think i have come to the realization that in life, we actually have so many things out there to explore if we want to get out from our comfort zone and, move. As simple as i was doing a karaoke yesterday for approximately 4 hours (if you can imagine how terrible my voice now is) i gotten my head opened just by enjoying every single song that i sang, reading every beautiful lyrics carefully, drinking my lemon tea like it was tasted sweet, you know, having to enjoy my life like i haven't done for so long. I am happy and realized that the world is, WIDE. 

Repeat : I am happy. 

And i know, life doesn't stop for anybody. 

So, heartbreaks, dissapointments, anger, betrays are a part of life that we are indeed gotta be in, in someways, but that is fine. Thought life is about ups and downs, we all know that. 

I learned. 

I learned that 'nothing last forever' is proven true.

It doesn't matter how long you've been with each other, how many years, how many quality times that you had, how many holidays that you spent together, how many fights, how many make ups, how many hugs, how many kisses, how many laughs, how many pictures captured the togetherness, how many miles we have been through, how many dollars that we spent to see each other in every spare time we had, how many flights (include how many missed flight and cancelled flight), how many midnight-morning calls, how many chats, how much happiness, tears, joy, blessings, how many 'hello' and 'goodbyes', how many gifts that we gave each others, how many journeys that we went together, how much love that once shared, 

Nothing is last forever anyways. 

And as long as you don't stuck on what's left behind and keep moving forward instead, you're gotta be fine. 
When you lose someone in your life, just remember that perhaps, there's not enough space in your heart to keep all the people stay there, so,

You lose some, you'll gain some. 

Don't stuck your mind on what hurts, from what hurts, you learn.
From what's saddening your mind, you learn to be strong. 
Even if you're sad, it won't last forever.

So why not choose to be happy instead?