Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Keep Calm

 (Photo Courtessy : Tumblr)
The key to stay stane, positive and calm is to set your expectations just right. Many times we feel dissapointed, angry or sad because things didn't turn out the way we wished it would. And that happens because we expect too much. In life, things happen beyond what our brain can imagine. It is uncontrollable and can seem unbearable. But things will feel alright if we  have prepared ourselves for anything that could happen. Because life isn't perfect. Neither we are. So why expect things to run perfectly too? God has made the best plans for us, so just enjoy the ride no matter where it leads us to. People change so don't expect them to stay the same forever. Let us grow and become a better version of ourselves, with or without the support from people we wished we would always have. We lose and we gain people in our lives. Because maybe, there isn't enough space for too many people in our hearts. Expect life to be exciting, because it really is. 

-Repost from Diana. R blog


"If you fail, 
fail again, 
fail better.."