Senin, 17 Maret 2014

Keep Calm

 (Photo Courtessy : Tumblr)
The key to stay stane, positive and calm is to set your expectations just right. Many times we feel dissapointed, angry or sad because things didn't turn out the way we wished it would. And that happens because we expect too much. In life, things happen beyond what our brain can imagine. It is uncontrollable and can seem unbearable. But things will feel alright if we  have prepared ourselves for anything that could happen. Because life isn't perfect. Neither we are. So why expect things to run perfectly too? God has made the best plans for us, so just enjoy the ride no matter where it leads us to. People change so don't expect them to stay the same forever. Let us grow and become a better version of ourselves, with or without the support from people we wished we would always have. We lose and we gain people in our lives. Because maybe, there isn't enough space for too many people in our hearts. Expect life to be exciting, because it really is. 

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"If you fail, 
fail again, 
fail better.."

Rabu, 27 November 2013

Time Heals Me

I used to be very sceptical when someone told me that time will really heals everything. I think people who said that are just people who are tired of hearing my complains and my whining and all the things that they are so sick of hearing from me, so they choose to calm me down by saying that 'magical-wise-word', but it didn't work for me. 

 I find some part of myself is a drama when it comes to something that i don't like. You know when things don't go my way, i don't accept them right away. I question everything and i think about it all time until i finally getting to the point of feeling, okay, this is how life works. Things dont't always go my way and that's natural, we can't force thing to be happen, period.


But it's a bit difficult here. Imagined if you worked hard to build a house from zero, from the very empty ground and you started putting your first cement yourself, and your second, your third, and you painted it, you planted flowers on the yard to make it looking pretty, you sweep the house every morning and you clean up every night before bed, you treated the house very nicely and unexpectedly, someone came and burn it. It burned. Everything i have inside the house burned to dust. I have nothing left right after.

So i was sad. I don't have 'house' to live in and i have nothing left by myself. That's the time when people came up to me telling me that time will heals. How can i even trust their words when they don't even know what i was feeling? I doubted them.

Days by days, months by months passed,
I started feeling better. I started to think clear and telling myself that everything is happen for a reason, and out of nowhere i started to believe that if something is taken from us, either we didn't take a good care of it or that thing itself just don't wanna be with us anymore. As simple as that. And i'm pretty sure that if we lost something, God will replace it with something better. And i believed that.

And that magical wise word, proven true.
I guess nobody wants to live miserably the whole time crying over the past and regret why things didn't go the way they wanted to. And ofcourse i don't want too. I have a brighter future awaits out there that i need to face. And, whatever left from the old 'house' became a memory that i don't need to keep in my new 'house'..

Kamis, 26 September 2013


So surprising that i never imagined my life could be like this, at the moment where i am sitting right now. The people i thought would be forever be with my journey, aren't there anymore. The others i've never imagined would be here with me, are surprisingly here. I think we just need to emphasize that people come into our life without any intention to stay forever, so never expect something permanent. Forever is just something people who are crazy in love will be saying. And remember, never take life for granted. What we have right now, enjoy, what we don't, let them go.

When We Talk About Compliment

"To get compliments for me is not something that we seek, it's something that we earn. "

Yesterday i was MC-ing for International Multifaith Youth Assembly 2013 that happened to be take place in Makassar, this year. So i felt lucky to be trusted hosting an International Event that attended by Vice Ministers, important people from Embassy and foreign participants that flew all the way their countries to gather here with one vision : creating peace throughout the world by realizing new paradigm of peace, One Family under God. 

As i was hosting the event with English, as well known as a universal languange, i know myself that i am far from perfection. I can speak, i can write, but if i asked to speak formally, gramatically perfect, i can say, that's not my daily thing. But you know, at some point we got to get ourselves out from our comfort zone in order to learn, right? 

So i asked the comitee director to teach me how, she taught me a lot and i felt confidence enough. 

Then i walked to the stage, see the crowded, see the beauty of the diversity among the participants, and i felt so, confident, somehow. 

The event ran perfectly, i felt relieved. 

You know that feeling when you know yourself just did a good job and people agreed with what you think so they tell you the same thing? 

That feeling. Is. Precious. 

I've been hosting a lot of event but somehow i find this one quite different and challenging at the same time. 
But at the end, Malaysian participant, Afghanistan, and some others came to me say that i should fly more and learn more abroad, because they told me that i got International quality already. 
I don't know if i'm a bit exaggerating this but i feel just great to be told something really, really mean to me like that. 

And by that i realize that in life we need to get ourselves some compliment in order to grow, in order to respect ourselves and to believe ourselves. Not to be arrogant about it, but be blessed instead. 

Then i randomly pick some compliment pieces that i got from my friends a year ago. I read them one by one, and i feel simply recharged. So i guess it's true, the strongest power comes within, we just need to always remember about it. 

Isn't it good to have a flashback or reminder about what we can do and how precious we are in earth actually?

Rabu, 11 September 2013

Happy Reminder

-"Be so happy that when people look at you, they become happy too!"

-"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy"

                  -"If you're happy and feeling good, then nothing else matters"

-"Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it"

                                                                                      -"Think happy, be happy"

-"Being happy never goes out of style"

                                                             -Life is too short to not be happy"