Kamis, 26 September 2013

When We Talk About Compliment

"To get compliments for me is not something that we seek, it's something that we earn. "

Yesterday i was MC-ing for International Multifaith Youth Assembly 2013 that happened to be take place in Makassar, this year. So i felt lucky to be trusted hosting an International Event that attended by Vice Ministers, important people from Embassy and foreign participants that flew all the way their countries to gather here with one vision : creating peace throughout the world by realizing new paradigm of peace, One Family under God. 

As i was hosting the event with English, as well known as a universal languange, i know myself that i am far from perfection. I can speak, i can write, but if i asked to speak formally, gramatically perfect, i can say, that's not my daily thing. But you know, at some point we got to get ourselves out from our comfort zone in order to learn, right? 

So i asked the comitee director to teach me how, she taught me a lot and i felt confidence enough. 

Then i walked to the stage, see the crowded, see the beauty of the diversity among the participants, and i felt so, confident, somehow. 

The event ran perfectly, i felt relieved. 

You know that feeling when you know yourself just did a good job and people agreed with what you think so they tell you the same thing? 

That feeling. Is. Precious. 

I've been hosting a lot of event but somehow i find this one quite different and challenging at the same time. 
But at the end, Malaysian participant, Afghanistan, and some others came to me say that i should fly more and learn more abroad, because they told me that i got International quality already. 
I don't know if i'm a bit exaggerating this but i feel just great to be told something really, really mean to me like that. 

And by that i realize that in life we need to get ourselves some compliment in order to grow, in order to respect ourselves and to believe ourselves. Not to be arrogant about it, but be blessed instead. 

Then i randomly pick some compliment pieces that i got from my friends a year ago. I read them one by one, and i feel simply recharged. So i guess it's true, the strongest power comes within, we just need to always remember about it. 

Isn't it good to have a flashback or reminder about what we can do and how precious we are in earth actually?

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