Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Coffee, or Anything Else?

I'm not a coffee addict, that's for sure. Sitting cool with a cup of espresso or some ice coffee with ciggarette (if necessary) with friends til late at night, laugh, flirt, enjoy the moments, that sounds really metropolis. Idk so far i haven't got the feeling of enjoying coffee that much, well i've never wanted to be an addict tho so i never struggled for one. But coffee shop always be my favourite place afterall. As long as it's still providing other drinks but coffee instead :D You know that nowadays people spend much time chillin out at the coffee shop. Spending an hour, two hours, three hours or even four just to sit and talk and talk. I wonder how come coffee shop can make people last that long? If we take a good look around the coffee shop we'll find that they build the place for comfort, for people stay there until the dawn's breaking (if possible) or else they provide a really really good coffee that people always looking forward to have some. That's the key. Coziness and taste. I've been spending so much time at the coffee shop with my friends without drinking coffee. I know it doesn't matter it's just sound kinda awkward like going to the camera store and ended up buying sunglasses. This time i realized that coffee shop really contributed for people's quality time. Do you ever notice or even remember how many precious laugh that you had at the coffee shop, with so many precious people, as well? 

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