Rabu, 11 September 2013

Count Your Blessings


Today my day was simply amazing just by spending it alone at home. I lately have not so much thing to do i just enjoy my times at home. You know sometimes when you have much time and got nothing to do, you start wondering things, like you know, anything that could be? 
I surf the internet pretty much, seeing people's Instagram and found picture that opened up my eyes about how bless and happy our life actually can be. If we just think bout it, and count our blessings, i bet you'll realize that blessings can't be count, cause it comes every second, every breath, every wink, all the time. Happiness is simple. Think about it. I am happy now, and i think, why shouldn't i be happy?

 Here are the list of things that make me feel happy : 

1. I am breathing right now. 
2. I had a good time pampering myself at home today. 
3. Yesterday i got called and being told that i got to be recommended to be MC for some International Youth Assembly 
4. I ate Martabak a lot. 
5. I opened up my wallet and i see i got enough savings until the weekends 
6. I watched my favorite TV Show, Masterchef. 
7. I'm currently listening to John Mayer. 
8. I just took my medicine. 
9. I got stable internet connection, writing this, enjoying every single word i write. 

See? Isn't it simple? :)

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