Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

How My Zumi Works

I've been so into blogging lately! Since i posted one that tells about expectations, i feel like my i always have something to write/to share (even i actually not :p) but really i just feel like everytime i stay at home and not doing anything i feel like blogging and i'm um, happy for that. Universe knows that i'm not a writer anyway but i just love to wite here. Thought blog is an online diary, isn't it? Well i'm not a diary person thou, so never mind. Okay so since i never took any pictures lately so i decided to upload some pictures that i took in Halifax using my Zumi digital lomo camera. They were actually black and white with a really, really high noise but i did some editing and put them all two in one frame like this. Made it a bit blue-ish too, i kinda like it that way rather than black and white. I like how that little camera works very well with it's lomo colour instantly! Seriously if you like to play with toycam colour or lomo or old colours or high b&w or well, if you wanna play with low saturation, i recommend you to buy it. And it's even smaller than pocket size with it's unique shape and just plain cute. I really do heart it :) Anyway, seeing Tim Hortons on that wall makes me missing my old times sitting there with french vanilla and croissants and bunch of story that flows through every single bite of my croissant. So many good memories with good people that spent at that place. Well, it always feels good to flashback, not cry for the heart that is missing but smile because missing something means that we ever experienced it. It feels right.. :)

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