Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

As What The Picture Says

I've just reaching back home after leaving a week to see old friends in town. A week of laughter and tears and happiness and sillyness around. Was a really great escape and a really nice feeling to see how 6 months of being separate and never see each other faces didn't change a thing. Thought friendship are strong indeed :) So we were there for a week all gathering with our secret stories to tell and a blanket to share. Feel so lucky have them as a bestfriend. Thinking bout going home was so far from my head yesterday, uh. But assessments are waiting, deadlines are right in front of my head and i really gotta go back home. So i was there, arrived airport already. Sitting all together, taking some polaroid pictures while waiting for my flight. I suppose to enter the terminal at 4.15 pm but i kinda (too) chill and let the other 15 minutes spent at that cafe. So i get in at 4.30, walked like i'm not in a rush, i even went to Beard Papa's to buy some. Then i slowly walked in to the gate, i saw so many people queing then i thought i was okay, i wasn't that late. But then i felt like there's something wrong in this line when i heard people around me were going to another city and surely that's not mine. So i left the line, i asked the officer and i gave her a look on my ticket, she told me.. The airplane has just take off like 10 minutes ago, she asked where i have been. If only she knows that i was there to buy Beard Papa's i'm sure she'll hit me in the head. Then she told me to go downstairs and go to the counter to ask for my reschedule ticket, stupidly i cried walking alone downstairs and asked the officer bout my flight and what should i do with that. Erh! That grumpy man asked me to pay two times more expensive than my previous ticket which already burned and flew. I called mom and told her but my stupidity and asked her to help me fix this stuff. I went out reckelessly, waiting for my mom to call and give me good news. I got flight at 9.40 pm, i relieved. I didn't say much, i just wanna reach my bed. I kept complaining and whining on my mind, putting a grumpy face look and blamimg myself how could i be this stupid. Afterall, i gotta take the lesson instead. But then just to prevent another stupidity happens for twice, i was in the waiting room already at 9 sharp. Waiting alone not doing anything just busy with my phone, waiting.. And the flight got an hour delayed. I was so mad but i'm so tired then i can't even say a thing. Was just sitting silently and waiting for miracle happens but it didn't, but i just keep being mad. Just plain mad. Shortly i arrived home, my driver already waiting at the airport like 2 hours and i didn't even feel bad to him just because i'm too tired and back again i'm mad without any particular reason. I was on the car sitting, the road was so quiet, it was just my car and some other car passes by, some motorcycle, all the stores are closed and just silent. I saw two little girls walking together holding hand and carrying a bag full of garbage on their shoulder. They looked happy, they were laughing like they have no pain, like their life are just great and they feel blessed with it. I shyly looked at myself holding my blackberry, sitting on a nice car, feel safe cause i have my home to live in.. Mine was totally opposite with them but how come i made my life so miserable just because i missed my flight and i got my flight delayed compared to those people who live in the street without roof to protect them, no money to eat, no sandals to walk, no clothes to wear, no clean water, no blackberries, no iphones, no iPads, no toys, no bathroom, no polaroid, no expensive bags, some of them even (perhaps) have no family, no, no, nothing. It makes me sad how myself could narrowly think that whining or complaining might help the feeling or mad or upset or so on. Simply just realize that my life is perfectly blessed by look down a little, appreciate every single thing, do things with compassion and throw away all the negative minds, everything is just right. Happiness come within, bless every single thing. Life is great, God is good. Thank you for slapping me by showing those little amazing girls, God. I should've be blessed every second.. 

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