Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

One Fine Night

About one or two week before christmas, my hostfamily got an invitation for a dinner at their rellative house. And as one of a christmas culture, gingerbreads are the likely one of the most have items for christmas celebration. My hostmom really excited to make the gingerbread with me since i've never made one before, so we made it! In the part of making, me and my hostsister Esja got to decorate the gingerbreads with the icing and the cute colorful little sugar on top. I got my favourite cake also in this which is fluffy cake ; the white cake that made from white flour, sugar, and corn flour that taste really, really really fluffy that just melted suddenly on your mouth at the first bite! It tasted so good and so easy to make i bet everyone can make it. Well as i'm talking about cakes and cookies, now i think i have found the answer why i gained so much weight in Canada. Cookies, cakes, cheese, chocholates, muffins, waffles and all the sweetness on earth that everyone kept feeding me! Or else, me feeding my ownself. Anyway the gingerbread also taste good (as people said, i don't really like cookie that taste like ginger) but i like how we decorated it! Merry (early-so late) Xmas. 

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