Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Hello, my name is Snow.

So this is what they called Snow! First experience of having snow in my daily life kinda overwhelming. The excitement was crazy like a little baby eating ice cream for the first time. I skipped work that day since i got permission from my supervisor to play with snow all day (i know, she's super nice) then i enjoyed every single drop of snow that falling from the sky. Me and my counterpart were sitting together at the kitchen while i'm eating my baggle, she said "Look outside, it's snowing! It's like the sky is pooping!" I know, she's crazy. Then i went outside to touch it and i loved it! Me and Mayfree decided to go somewhere just to take hundreds of picture of snow with every kind of style that we can make with the snow. We went downtown, took so many pictures from each places that visited, we played like crazy with snow, we laughed and i fell. TWO TIMES. Okay snow started to annoy me but still that was okay. We kept on going everywhere walking and took bus to the Mall to buy something (the Mall was so far from our place FYI) right after we arrived there the mall just closed, around 3 pm where actually still on working hour right? We were a bit pissed but still that was okay because it was snowing, and snowing. After took hundreds of picture and the mall was closed, we were walking without direction and the snow was getting crazier and even too crazy that we couldn't even see and walk properly because snow blocked our view and the streets as well. We walked to Tim Hortons getting hot drinks and croissants, again right after we arrived there we heard the officers said that they're going to close the cafe due to the bad weather.. So we ordered hot drinks, sat for awhile and go (sad, huh?) 4 pm for this weather already dark like 7 pm in the evening. We decided to go home since all the stores are closed and we got so many pictures already though, the streets were so slipper and we were freezing. Then we walked again to the bust stop aaaannnddddd THERE WERE NO BUS COMING! Again and again due to the bad weather. We were seeing each other hopelessly, thinking to take a cab but there were no cab working that day either so we just wait.. The miracle came, one bus coming and that was the only bus that pass our way so we took it even we didn't recognize the bus number we feel so blessed. It was around 5-6 pm already we still on the bus without knowing which way that we're going but we just keep on talking. The bus went around the city like an hour with all those unfamiliar streets that we passed before we arrived our way but still we have to walk soooo long before reaching home. So many struggleeeee we had that day and again when we arrived home our clothes became super wet because of the melted snow that stick to our coats and a really messed up looks with wet hair as well. The day after we talked about it then we say, "Maybe yesterday was our first experience of snow.. And well, snow wasn't as cute as it looked like on TV". But i'm glad and feel lucky that i experienced it :D

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