Minggu, 13 November 2011


Lately i've been feeling so uninspired. I see all the things around, things that going on, my eyes catching things, my head thinking, my feet are walking, but still i feel nothing. Usually i see things with my different vision, i see things as an inspiration, all the stuffs that going on and cathed my eyes always be my inspiration but lately i don't know where it is. I enjoy life, every breath of my life such a bless so i'm enjoying my life to the fullest. But i'm just wondering why since i've been here for i haven't done something that satisfy me enough. I mean something to prettify my blog. You know that all I-need-is-pictures! I'm taking pictures all the time, but that's not what i mean, err! I need myself to get up and see things beautifully, take a nice pictures, documenting every single moment that happens, and put it on my blog. Well, that is all need for my last several weeks in this country. GET UP! 

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