Minggu, 20 November 2011

Sunday Gift

This week we've been so busy doing the dance and perform everywhere. So much upcoming things that we should take care of and so on and so on. Culture show is coming soon, exactly 2 weeks from today and we have so many things to prepared. Haven't arranged time for practice more and more for everything while we have so much events to go in a same time. Today the church where we have our group meeting there in every week held a gathering with all the people there and us, Canada World Youth participants. As always, we presenting about CWY, Indonesian stuffs, introducing ourselves and do the dance. That was a kind of our thankyou greeting from them to lend us the church while we're here. I'm so glad that all the people there were so excited and wanted to know more bout us, that was awesome! And as a thankyou from them they gave us a pretty warm shawl for 18 of us. Such a really warm Sunday morning gift. Gracias! 

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