Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011


It's pouring again and all i wanna do today is just laying on my bed whole day hiding under the blanket, listening to old songs and chillin out. Been listening to some old songs from bryan mcknight, sarah mclahlan, toploader and all those got me back the old times when i was in high school and even in junior high school. When i was sitting in my bench at school, i always wanted to have the experience of living abroad, far from home, living independently, meet some cute guys and having a party. Really. Now here i am, living far from home, in Canada. Let's just say that i am alone, i'm indeed alone now. I reached my dream, God blessed me this much. It's pretty hard to adapt with the new circumtances, new people, new places, new life tho. I've never lived far from home before, not in a very long period of time which is 6 months and this is truly my 1st experience so it's normal if i feel hard. Missing home, family, hometown like all i wanna do is just cry and go home, i felt that. People might say that i'm so lucky to be here, representing my province for an exchange program, i am lucky indeed! But for this first couple of week, please allow me to shout out loud what i can't say loudly in front of my hostparents here :p I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT DOG FOR GOD'S SAKE! How can i live with that big black and (actually not so) scary dog all the time oh God.. He stares at me all the time, maybe he wanted to say hi or say hi, enemy or something like that but i just hateee the way he stares at me i feel like he wants to jump bite me all the time, i feel insecure. Blah. But i also feel bad that he had to be tied off everytime i'm home. My hostparents are so kind, my lil brother and sister are also cute. My hostmom is really good at cooking and she eats rice, i'm so glad with that hahaha. My hostdad is really really handome i'm not lying he looks like David Beckham :D i like living here, nice people and our house is just like 10 minutes from downtown so i can go to the downtown anytime i want. What matter is, the dog. But okay i got a goodnews that they decided to put the dog in the backyard sometimes when i'm home and that's good for me i really respect that they understood how scared i am with that big black thing that they loved, uhh sorry. They said that it's just a temporary for 2 months, yea 2 months i'm gonna live here and if it's without dog i'll be so happy! Good thing they respect that i'm a moslem and i can't get close with dog. Okay then problem solved. Now i'm getting bored sitting in front of the monitor whole day, i asked my friends to get some coffee or else but they had something to do with their hostparents tho. Mine went to work, in Sunday for work's sake. So it's just me and my counterpart doing our own stuff here in our room. At a time like this i miss my friends there in my hometown. It's always happens when we had nothing to do, we meet, drink coffee or smoothies, talk about everything, really, every-thing, then we play uno cards til the rest of the night, and sometimes sleepover at my place, watching dvds, having a tons of snacks and midnite supper, girls talk, do some crazy photo session, messing up with my room and i really love everything about my friendship! Ah well i still have 5 months with this program which means that i'll give them something to be told when we meet, they'll love it for sure. Alright, i'm hungry. Gotta get something to fill my tummy. I love you, life. Godspeed us.

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  1. Halo memel! I know we rarely talk, so it may be weird if I put some words here haha. Well, been following ur blog since mmm few months. You're good at this, writting. Seriously. Me heart yours :) Keep writting! And ah, it must be hard livin far from home. I've been there. But that's fine, all is well hehe. Just enjoy every second you have there. Have a good day! :D

  2. Yeay thank you ka Tira, just to remind you that you're so good either :) keep writing and blogging! XD