Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

It's Halifax!

Are you one of those people who loves Twilight Saga? Still remember the place where those vampires live? Today i tried so hard to remember the name of the town where the twilight saga taken but i didn't find it and somehow i didn't wanna google it, i was so curious and i thought that my brain still can figure it out itself without google but i was wrong. Okay well i'm not gonna explain more and more about twilight and about how bad i am remembering things. The thing that i wanted to share is, i've been living in this town for about 2 weeks and it's raining all the time. Got the (twilight) point, uh? The place where you can't see sunshine so much, where all you gotta do is put your boots and raincoats or umbrella all the time, it is Halifax-on-fall-season. And you know how much i hate rain, darling.. Oh, this is a tough time for me :/

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