Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

People Come and Go, But We Don't Stop Moving

Well, as much as we hope it weren't so, but this is life. Someone that we have loved with all of our hearts one day can, quite literally, dissapear from our lives the next. It's just simply the matter of time. Not even a death, if i can say, circumstance. Who can possibly take a best friend, a lover or whoever, never to be seen again. So does things, they come and go. Today you might have a lot of money like you can buy a nice car by cash and tomorrow you don't even have money to eat. As simple as that. And as real as that.

Indeed sometimes fact can be scary.

But don't forget that if we lose something, there must be something bigger awaits for us in the future. 

Life keeps on turning, people come and go, but we keep on going.  

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