Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Things Aren't Quite Like What They Used To Be

Cause this pain i feel it won't go away, and today i'm officially missing you..

People come, people go.
Life brings you down, life gets you up.

I rarely talk about love for serious this far cause i just somehow narrowly think that talks about love seems so serious and spoil, and it's all about blue feeling, sadness, heart broken and so on. 

But excuse me this time to talk about it, i wonder what is love actually?

I had a good relationship with a guy that i once made me feel like i could spend everyday with him without feeling bored at all. You know that kind of feeling you feel when you're around someone and you feel like you can be who you are and you can do anything without feeling afraid that he'll leaves you because you do silly things, you look ugly and stupid? I had that. I thought loving is a feeling of being loved unconditionally.

For my own thinking, commitment is not something that we need to make that official. Like, choosing a right date for our anniversary and you will ask will you be mine and i say yes, and we're officially being a couple, that day where we confess our feeling we mark that as our special date. No, i'm not that kind of person. For me, having someone who always be there for me 24 hours/day and having him to love me unconditionally, i love him back in return, for me that's enough. 

But maybe not everyone agree that way.

I had this thing going on nicely until realizing that relationship without commitment is like a dream without goals. It's like walking without direction, just keep going and if it's dead end, then we're dead. As hard as it sounded and so we're indeed dead.

If one person leaves, how could a relationship stays?

Things are never be as easy as a wink when one person left and just like a sudden everythings changing. Life's change, habits that we gotta left behind, everything. 

How come one simple problem could turn to a very dramatical separation? I asked.  

The anwer is yours, either it's mine yet i'm still questioning. Again, commitment that never came out from our mouth? Broken promises, or what? 

One person made me loves and i don't demand, i get hurted but i won't cry. Thought love is fair, it will be nicer in time. True love will find their way. Path. Destiny. God's way. I put my faith with them. 

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