Selasa, 01 November 2011

Halloween Party

Turns out Halloween party is just as exciting as it seemed on the movie! Our first Halloween party on cedar street, all the people were wearing crazy costumes, i dressed up as Audrey Hepburn (kinda failed without gloves, stick and ciggarate tho but never mind that was sweet) the party went so well, the house decorated full with halloween stuffs, the chairs, the couch, even the food and drinks are all scary. We spent all night long taking pictures, hahaha. I love how all the people were so excited about Halloween in this country, pumpkins all the way, halloween decoration in every single store that you see, kids doing pumpin carving, people busy preparing their customes and candy for trick and treating which you won't get it Indonesia :D and i'm so grateful that i had a chance to celebrate Halloween in this country. Last night on Oct 31 was the trick or tricking time and -1 degree temperature wasn't a big matter for people to knock door to door and say "Trick or Treat?" I kept the door open and waiting for the kids to come and ask for candy to me and when i saw a little baby girl wearing a bee costume and ask me for a candy, that was the time i knew that i heart Halloween! It feels so good seeing all the people in the street with their crazy and scary costumes and knocking on your door ask for a candy and you feel like an angel sent from heaven giving candies to kids! Hahahaha ok that is my own thoughts :p Anyway, Happy Halloween! 

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