Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011


This was my 1st thanksgiving in my whole life. We spent 2 nights at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, the biggest camp area that i've ever seen and we hiked, i was totally dying, i've never hiked for 5 years and we hiked whole day! Good thing we went to the beach after that, not so beautiful beach thou but at least beach! So as everybody knows that thanksgiving is all about turkeys and foods, that's so true. It was totally my eating madness night like i could eat everything, i ate turkeys, muffins, chocholates, cookies, some people drink wine by the campfire, we talked, we laughed, i got stomachache because eating too much hahaha but that was all good. I didn't take pictures in the night, too bad :( so these are the pictures that i managed to captured the day before we went back home. Again, happy thanksgiving!

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