Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Sunday Stuffs

I was actually wanted to start writing something on my book, but then i found my pencil box which is filled with these inbox paper. You know when we were on our training in Jakarta, each of us have our envelopes named 'Inbox' so we can put any messages, comments, secrets, love letter :p or everything there. I didn't thought that i brought it here, i thought i left it in Cibubur. But thank god i brought it here yeay! So i started reading it one by one, paper by paper and smiling over while reading it, it's like a time machine :) And you know what i love about being boring and got-nothing-to-do is that i always try to make something, anything. I took my camera, my pen, my mp3, paper and started to do something with that stuffs. At least i have something to post on my blog :D

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