Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Lovely Friday

It feels like we haven't given ourself this kind of satisfaction before, really. You know the time when you feel like everything is beautiful in your sightseeing, when it's cold but you dont even care cause you're happy, when you wanted to eat thailand food and you kept walking like 2 hours to find it but you didn't? Haha that was our Friday! We decided to spoil ourself by eating tom yam soup then go around the malls to shop, and what i just realized now is that we walked in a same track over and over again to find that thai resto so ofcourse we didn't find it :/ we did'nt even ask people. Ah, ok lesson learned : ask people so won't be a dumb. Then we ended up eating sushi, yeay! Not bad, the sushi tasted good even i have to be honest that sushi tei still better than that but that was okay at least we ate rice :D Then we go around and around, we shopped, we were (almost) get lost haha so stupid that none of us are good in reading maps so we just following our intuition but that was successed! And this is what i called satisfaction ; eat poutine, walk slowly, shop, asian food, take pictures, and ofcourse speak bahasa all the time! Wohoo.. I love you dear Reyska Amaldani, we had a best date in Halifax! 

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