Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Love life and it will loves you even MORE

I just saw a blog of my favourite photographer, i know this always happen when i see her blog. The feeling you feel when you suddenly lost your self confidence and feel like wondering why you can't do that good? You know that feeling? I know that i am a person with a good self confidence, i mean i know myself and i know things that i can do and not, and then i was wondering why (stupidly) i feel so ugly because i can't do better than her and it such a self underestimated. Then i started to convince myself that everyone has their own talents and excess, right? I was born this way with my own talents, skills, ability, and blessings that i have and it such a greatest gift from God. Envy is such an ugliest feeling and it might kill your heart inside, plant your self confidence as much as you can, believe in yourself that you're great, and thanking God for the blessings and life will love you more.

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