Selasa, 27 September 2011

Tatamagouche Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I had a love at the first sight with this place. Really. You know the place where all you see around is sky, green grass and lake like what we see on the movie? It is Tatamagouche. It was about 6-10 degrees when we arrived there. Its sooooooo coolldddddd especially for us, Indonesians :D but day by day it’s warmer and warmer and it’s really good.  We had a really nice camp there and it’s totally different with Indonesia. The materials are good and I love the way we do things at class. We expressed our feeling with draw, we laughed a lot, we danced, we did a ‘good job’ thing, we can do whatever we wanted at the class, you can lay your body on the floor, you can sit at the chair, you can do everything as long as you still can get yourself focus to the materials. That was fun! I love non formal education hahaha.. everything in tatamagouche was great all the way. I love playing swing in front of my house every morning, I was like always being the very first person to wake up and ready for breakfast and waiting for the others while playing swing. I missed saying ‘Good morning’ and ‘Selamat pagi’ to all the people. I missed that person who always sneaking from his window to my house and say ‘Morning! Wait me, I’ll go downstairs soon’ tho :D the other thing I love being there is they allowed us to the presentation outside. We did a lot of presentation, playing some skits and all those and it was really fun because we enjoy it so much. Everything’s setted so flexible, we started breakfast at 8 and the class begin at 9, during the class we also got so many break so we won’t get bored, and the materials finished at 5. Wasn’t it ggrrreeaaattt?? Yes it was! Eventhou the materials finished at 5 but we haven’t done there. We did a campfire on every single night, shared thing, sung songs, laughed and built the togetherness with all the participants between Canadians and Indonesians and I thought it works. We went to the town to get some ice cream and on the way back home we were almost lost and it was really fun because we were like 8 people and all Indonesians! But too bad we didn’t really get lost. It’s a long way back home and I enjoyed every single step that we had. Shortly, tatamagouche was indeed a really nice place to escape or to have some fun far from the crowd of the city, for honeymoon it’s very nice tho :D nice place, nice people, nice food, nice view, nice lake, nice apple tree, nice sky, nice green grass, nice houses, nice forest either :p I’m sure I’ll go back here with my husband one day, hahaha..

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