Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

A month..

What i just realized is, i've been so busy doing nothing while suppossedly i had to prepare all my stuffs before i leave. A month left, holy month is coming again and thank God i still got the chance to have such a joyful holy month with my family. Been reading that "Must Have Items" list tonight and i feel like carrying 100 kilograms luggage by my shoulder. Dozen stuffs, darling. I'm gonna work on it tomorrow, promise. 

Now i'm sitting alone in front of the laptop, thinking.. I'm gonna leave my family, my friends, my hometown and everything for 7 months : about 210 days.

I wonder how if i miss my dad? How if i miss mom, brothers, sisters, friends? How if i miss home? Well yeah i'm pretty spoiled, even now realizing that i'm gonna leave dad for 7 months my tears so close to fall :p thank God i still can hold it. 

I  actually haven't really noticed about this till August came. Yesterday i was so busy answering their questions like "When will you leave?" i said "September, still a long time" That 'still a long time' came to my face and says "A month left.. Not a long time, go prepare yourself" it's like a warn to myself that i had to get ready.

Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program (ICEYP) is the biggest opportunity that life had given me. I am now thinking and feeling pretty sad that i'm gonna leave my closest people and my hometown, but at this very moment i also feel so thankful and blessed. I mean, this is a lifetime opportunity and this gonna be such a very important life lessons for me. I'm leaving my family for 7 months and i'm gonna give them a lifetime story and experiences in return.  Thanks God :)

I'm hoping that everything will run perfectly and everything goes according the expectations, the MCU, the PDT, the departures, and the program. God bless us.. God be with us..

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