Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Again, Drama Queen is Here.

I have been weeping on my self since i realized that i'm gonna leave. This is my first experience of leaving my hometown for a very long period of time, gotta be a very tough time i guess. Besides, i've been preparing my stuffs, one by one, two and three and so then i knew that i had no time updating my blog, nor even checking  a bit. Sorry kid.. It's pretty hard to divide the time of working and take care of everything in a same time. What i just remember is i haven't done signing for my academic leave so that thing become my first priority right now. All the preparation, the logistic stuffs, the traditinal costumes, the souvenirs are those i got tied up with. I mean i feel like i can't go anywhere without thinking about it. 
Out of this topic about my preparation, the other thing that i also can't get my mind out of it is, ...... 
The thoughts that kept crossing my mind,
Will you miss me when i'm not around?
Dear, give me the bear one. Thousand times, like you promised. 

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