Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Badnews and my 10 pm bestmates

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for 3 hours till now, browsing so many things, downloading so many songs and back again remembering about the program and the badnews ; the rumour said that the participants over 22 years old couldn't participate with the program according to the new rules announced from the CWY (Canada World Youth) i don't know exactly why, in the middle of our preparation, in the middle of this excitement, there's a bad news like that. We have 4 participants whose 23 years old and based on the Ministry of Youth and Sport first requirements, the maximum age is 23 so that should be no problem. What makes me sad bout this is, even though we're just communicate through Facebook for these 3 months but we are connected, we're being friends, we're sharing everything, we're preparing everythiiiinggggg together, it's just unfair for them to get the that kind of badnews at the time like now, it's kinda too late :( But that's just my opinion, i can't do anything to fix this but pray. Hope everything will be just fine, hope it's just a rumour, hope all the participants will step in to Canada, and we're still praying for our MCU too. Wish all the luckiest, all the best :) 

Almost forgot, they are my 10 pm mates ; 

If i suddenly get fat, blame it on the Cadbury Black Forest chocholate, i just can't stop eating it!

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