Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

What is called unfair.

You know life is always about ups and downs, take and give, to love and to be loved,and forgiving and fogetting. Speaking of life, everyone’s know that mistake is a part of human’s life. Everyone makes, everybody does. Who’s not? Even a superhero does! Unless u’re an angel. So lets say that u’re making a mistake about a broken promise (aah that’s terribly unforgiven huh?). When u’re on it, are u gonna refuse the punishment? For me, I wont. I’ll take that as a risk of what I have done. But what if u’re already got the punishment then actually its never been enough? Would u take the punishment for the rest of ur life? No. Cause people don’t wanna fall into the same hole rite? Or just make the others like that either. So where’s the fair part in this case? All I see is just a selfishness. Sorry for being such a sarcatic here but Im just trying to say what I cant say loudly and end up shouting in my mind. Im just proving what is unfair truly means in this case. The point is, when u have ur biggest fear (everybody has) please just face it rather than keep it. Cause it might just eat your mind from the inside, and take the control of yourself. The people who gets the impact will be the one who feel so unfair. Not every good things has to shown by the eyes just feel it by your heart. But first,u have to keep your faith. Cause it's so unfair and hurts sometimes when u think u’re already tell the truth and do anything to change but end up with 2 words, it's something. No, ‘it's nothing’.

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