Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

The Wake written by Neil Galman

My english teacher, Mr D has a miny library at his cafe. While i'm staring at his heavy books,  i was wondering if he had some comics to read because all i see around is The Da Vinci Code, Atonement, Socrates, Pluto, and all those. My brain won't accept those heavy books at this time i guess so he gave me this, The Wake. You know, this book is.. Dark, gloomy, sorrow, and well enough said. I'm stuck at the second chapter. Good afternoon, Mrs. Sorrow! 

♫ One for sorrow, two for sorrow, three for sorrow, four for for for i don't know but i'm all bored of sorrow, five for three to one, six for gold, seven for a magpie who tells me where to go ♫

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