Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

My sister reply

Kiky's note to memel:
u got me crying all nite reading this u know. my husband cant even shut me up hehe. i miss u tooooo dear, sooo damn much! i miss singing with u, having a nice lunch, or a looooonggg chitchat in our room. i miss having a shower with u, watching dvds and hiding chocolates from d kids =) i even miss fighting with u, and u'r so stubborn i feel like i wanna eat u up! i miss buying dinner for daddy n argueing who has to drive. i miss ur skinny wrinkle fingers just like moms =) i miss ur bellyfat haha..
cant wait to hv u here n show u all d great places and see how "katro" u are haha.. i'll give u a cute baby nephew/niece only if u promise to take care of him/her when im busy and NOT to give ice cream or candy to stop them from crying haha..

I love u sweety, u r my everything.. eh, everything AFTER my baby hihi..

I love u too :")

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